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I'm launching a Steve the Ump store to provide limited umpire products to my users. My goal here is basically to provide quality, useful stuff and to promote the site. My intention is non-profit.  I hope to add items as time goes on and would appreciate suggestions.
I'm staring with umpire T-shirts and mugs with the site logo.

Steve O's Umpire T-Shirts

I've recieved one sample and I'm waiting for an additional price from another supplier, which I expect shortly. Pre-orders will be taken for a guaranteed price of $10, though I do not know the final price yet. ONLY LARGE will be initially available. I'm  looking a colored logo and an all-white logo for a lower  price.

Will be available in navy and black for use under black pull over shirts.

High qulaity Gilan Ultra Cotton T-shirt: Navy - Black
Suitable for wear under uniforms

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Steve O's Mugs
Now Available

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Something like this may be available soon

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