Umpire Evaluation

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Game Date:
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Give an overall rating for each umpire based on the following scale:
5=Excellent 4=Very Good 3=Good 2=Fair 1=Poor

Plate Umpire:
Overall Rating:

Base Umpire:
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Choose Y or N for Each Question & Each Umpire
Plate / Base
Y - N / Y - N

Did the umpire arrive on time?

Were they in the proper uniform in the proper condition?

Did the official understand / conduct a pre-game conference?

Did the crew communicate properly?

Was proper focus / alertness demonstrated?

Were the official's physical mechanics / style correct and appropriate?

Did the official have proper initial positioning?

Did the official move to the correct coverage positions during playing action?

Were the calls loud / clear enough?

Did the umpire "sell" calls when appropriate?

Did the official have control of the game?

Was the official aware of game situations?

Did the umpire deal with managers / players adequately on & off the field?

Were the rules of the game properly understood / applied?

Was there consistency of rulings throughout the game?

Did the official hustle?

Was game flow / tempo maintained?

Were the judgment calls accurate?

Did the official demonstrate proper timing?

Would you want to work with / request this umpire?

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